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Triple A Plywood

Our product is 100%.

made from eucalyptus trees farm in Thailand.


Our history

According to our success with Shaiyo triple A group; Agribusiness, we have developed a plant growing product under the operation of "Triple A Board Co., Ltd.", producing and selling high quality and durable of plywood. From the development of fast growing species of wood to produce as a lumber through the care process from soil preparation, planting plan maintenance and professional transplant management to get quality raw materials through modern production process equipped with high quality control system and obtain international standard quality products. Our factory is located at 339 Moo 13, Koh Chang, Phanom Sarakham, Chachoengsao. It is only 130 km from Laem Chabang Port and convenient for transportation and distribution to many countries around the world.

Triple A Plywood

Vision :

We will be THE NUMBER ONE plant producer and distributor IN the world with beyond universal standard quality.

Mission :

Raw materials through a selection process of research and development of eucalyptus tree species in order to strengthen the quality of veneer plywood, to replace THE imports of plywood products; and expand the market to overseas trading partners. Plywood products of international quality standards through a standardized pre-delivery inspection process and continuous research and development to create different values and promote sustainable income generation in the community

About us

About us


Strength of our products

1. Strong, durable, steady, rigid and not fragile  
2. Nails or screws can be used all over the board of plywood 
3. Can be cut and sawed easily, can be bent without breaking 
4. Good heat insulation 
5. Can store heat and sound better than ordinary wood 
6. Can hold more weight than ordinary wood

Stength of our products

How to process?

1. Preparation of raw materials

Buy wood logs, eucalyptus wood with diameter 150-300 mm and length 1.30 m to be prepared for bark shedding.

2. Peeling

Put the rubber timber, eucalyptus wood with the standard size into the peeling machine, inside the machine, there is a roller to peel IT completely before sending to the veneer stripping machine.

3. Peeling and cutting veneer sheet

Put the peeling rubber timber, eucalyptus wood into the veneer stripping machine. There is wooden knife inside the machine to peel veneer logs with the circumference of the logs until the core diameter is about 25-30 mm. The cutting veneer will be cut by the veneer cutter immediately after out of stripping machine

10. Facing plywood with phenolic film

Plywood for use in concrete or concrete flooring must be covered the surface with phenolic film to not stick to dry concrete and can be pulled out.

4. Drying

Bring 80-110% moisture veneer (Dry Basis) into the veneer dryer to dehumidify. After drying process, the veneer sheets have a moisture content about 8-14% (Dry Basic). The veneer sheets with high humidity will exude steam inside the wood both in the free water and bound water to become dry veneer sheets ready to sell and produce in the next process.

5. Veneer jointing

Because the veneer has a transverse wood, when it is cut, the length is not equal to the length of the veneer. Therefore, it is necessary to connect a sheet of veneer with several transverse laminates and some longitudinal veneers. Some of them can be broken so it is required longitudinal veneer joints as well.

6. Glue Painting

After cut the veneer to standard size, bring the veneer layer into the glue adhesive machine. The machine is equipped with high quality adhesive nozzles, inject glue cover to the Roller, the glue will spread evenly throughout the veneer sheet.

how to process

7. Gluing

Gluing on each floor will compress effectively by applying glue veneer with uncoated veneer sheets alternating back and forth along the perpendicular lines in order to strength, then import to the cold compressor and hot compressor.

8. Cutting the plywood

Veneer that pass the compressor process must cut the excess edge wide and longitudinal to the standard size.

9. Plywood surface polishing

After passing through a veneer edge cutter, it must be polished to adjust the thickness to standard size.

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No. 224 Moo 7 Koh Khanun Phanom Sarakham Chachoengsao 24120

Waraporn : 085-4880024 
Jirawan : 063-2109503

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